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Optimal Lifespan module is being taught as part of the required curriculum for the Master of Arts in Psychology degree at the Department of Psychology, Young Scientists University.

 Optimal Lifespan course overview:

This program teaches students how to sense their Optimal Duration of Existence, and how to use that knowledge to master their lifespan potential.  The program is divided into two parts: Philosophy and Practice.  Philosophy consists of the scientific, spiritual and evolutionary foundations of this awareness.  We take the latest findings in new cosmology, neuroplasticity, superstring theory, and epigenetics and show how they relate to understanding our lifespan.  Practice consists of locating this perception in our body and applying it in our everyday life.

This two-step process is achieved through Body Consciousness Techniques and Self-Management Skills.   The resulting increased mental and physical awareness gives students a sense of balance and reduces stress and anxieties.  When we are able to see the entire structure of our life we are better able to deal with the everyday challenges we confront, and create the conditions whereby we can be the best version of ourselves at every age.


 1.      Optimal Lifespan – Philosophy

This class is divided into four parts: Homeostasis, Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics and New Cosmology.


Students learn about a natural biological state called Homeostasis, or self-regulation, in which the human body maintains biochemical processes, hormonal stability, and internal temperature within an optimal range.  Through hands-on exercises, they learn how to tap into their own ability to self-regulate their bodies.


Students learn about the latest findings in Neuroplasticity, which show that the human brain changes constantly, in response to learning, disease, exercise, and other stimuli thru our entire lifespan. What this means is that a person can stay active and engaged in life for as long as they practice a lifestyle that stimulates both the body and the mind.  Students participate in exercises that stimulate their mind and body, therefore improving their Neuroplasticity.


Students learn about an emerging field of Epigenetics, which teaches that our consciousness modulates our biology.  Epigenetics show that with every thought and feeling we reshape the neural networks in our brains.  Students learn to reshape their thoughts and feelings, therefore optimizing their lifespan potential.

New Cosmology

Students learn about the latest findings in New Cosmology, the discipline that deals with the nature of the universe as a whole.  Students learn how we as humans are connected to the universe, and are at this point in time the most advanced link in the cosmic chain of evolution.

 2.      Optimal Lifespan – Practice

Body-Consciousness Techniques

After learning the Philosophy behind Lifespan Optimization, students learn how to understand their own optimal duration of existence using Body-Consciousness techniques.  These consist of Pressure Points, Meditation, Ring Muscles and Touch Triggers.  Furthermore, they learn how these techniques can be used on a daily basis to help them master their life.

Self-Management Skills

After learning how to understand their lifespan potential through Body-Consciousness Techniques, students learn to apply this knowledge in the real world through Self-Management Skills.  These consist of Breathing, Good Nutrition, Active Lifestyle and Sufficient Rest.


Body-Consciousness = Cosmic Consciousness

Evolution of Consciousness

Students will learn how consciousness has evolved since the beginning of the universe.  They tackle some important questions: What are we as humans?  Why are we here?  How do we reach our Authentic Self?  We will study major philosophies of the evolution of consciousness from Arthur M. Young and Richard Tarnas.

Nature of the Energy in the Human Body

Students learn how to distribute their energy evenly throughout their lifetime.  Using examples of creatures in the wild, they will learn that as humans they have the control over their energy and how they use it.  They participate in exercises that teach them how to understand the amount of energy that their body contains, and use this energy in the manner that they choose.

Space-Time Geometry & Quantum Physics

In Quantum Theory, the growing consensus is that at the level of Space-Time Geometry, consciousness is fundamental to the universe.  It’s the source of energy, information, space, time and matter.  This field of consciousness is the field of infinite possibilities, where everything exists “in potentia.” Using this basis for the theory, students learn the basics of space-time geometry and quantum physics, from such leading researchers as Albert Einstein and Max Planck.

Lifespan and Drugs

Students learn the answers to important questions such as:  How does someone optimize their lifespan potential when dealing with substance abuse?  What are the ways to overcome substance abuse and truly master our life?  Students will learn how to use various Body Consciousness Techniques and Self-Management Skills to master substance abuse.

Lifespan and Self-Actualization

Students will learn about the “Hierarchy of Needs” by Psychologist Abraham Maslow.  At the top of the Hierarchy is Self-Actualization.  They will learn how Body-Consciousness Techniques and Self-Management Skills help them reach Self-Actualization.

Lifespan and Addictive Behavior

There are many examples of Addictive Behavior, including control, eating, shopping, and toxic relationships.  Students explore different Addictive Behaviors and probe into the reasons why individuals are prone to addiction.  They learn how Addictive Behaviors can be mastered through Body-Consciousness Techniques and Self-Management Skills.

Mental Imagery Techniques

Students learn about 13 different Mental Imagery Techniques that are practical tools for dealing skillfully with life’s different scenarios.  The subconscious mind processes information not in terms of words or numbers but in terms of images and pictures.  Mental Imagery Techniques are invaluable instruments in managing one’s conduct in life in a competent matter, as well as contributing to the body’s harmonious operation.  Students will leave this class knowledgeable about all 13 Mental Imagery Techniques, and will have the ability to determine which techniques are best suited in different life circumstances.


Knowing Your Lifespan & Everyday Application

Limitless Potential of Existence

There are innumerable, infinite possibilities floating in the ether of existence.  The future is open, vast, boundless, malleable.  As Quantum Theory shows, everything exists in potentia. It is through understanding our own limitless potential that we can discover our optimal duration of existence. Students will build on what they have learned about Quantum Theory and our inherent resources as human beings by participating in activities that help them understand their own infinite potential.

Emerging Human Properties

Throughout human history breakthroughs regularly occur, in which a previous threshold has been met and exceeded, and it is followed by a new accepted consensus.  What was previously thought impossible is now possible, and it is assimilated into our collective consciousness.  Students will study examples of human breakthroughs throughout history that resulted in a new collective awareness.  They will study metanormal qualities in the context of human evolutionary advance as explained by Michael Murphy in “The Future of The Body.”  Finally, they will study how the human evolutionary advance supports our ability to sense how long we can live.

Accessing Your Intuition and Locating Your Optimal Duration of Existence

Students will learn how to take what they have learned about Body-Consciousness Techniques and use them to access their intuition and finally locate their individual Optimal Duration of Existence.  Students work at their own pace, as this is a very personal discovery and one that should be given ample time for each student.

Establishing a Master Structure of Life

Students will learn how to take what they have learned about Self-Management Skills and use them to establish their master structure of life.  Once they have discovered their Optimal Duration of Existence, students will learn how to apply the four Self-Management Skills of breath, sufficient rest, good nutrition, and active lifestyle to master their lifespan potential.

Energy Management and Distribution

Our Optimal Duration of Existence is not a guaranteed age.  It depends on many factors, the most important factor being how we pace ourselves through our entire life.  In this final course, students will learn how to be the best version of themselves at every age by managing their finite amount of energy over their entire lifespan.

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