Inspire others to greatness by becoming the best version of yourself!

FullSizeRender This multiple-award-winning program is tailored for the seasoned Executive to refine his or her strategies in inspiring others to be their most effective and give their biggest contribution to the organization.

You’ll emerge from this training more self-aware, more enlightened, and clearly knowing that you are in full control of all your unique gifts and talents.

You will discover latent capacities in yourself you didn’t know existed, and these will enable you to operate at a whole new level of balance, grace, achievement, and optimal health. You will learn how to be more focused and more centered, and through personal example, motivate others to reach their own heights of competence and output.

"Guy has an extraordinary perspective on the value and potential of life, and anyone consulting with him or attending his seminars will not only be moved, but moved to take action. He is one of those rare individuals who can point out the possibilities to people that they may have never even considered. I cannot recommend his outstanding services highly enough."

- David Samson, author of 24 books; owner of AdVille agency, Los Angeles, CA


Namaskar, during your lecture about Optimizing Lifespan Potential [as opening keynote address at the International Conference on Psychology 2011], every point very clear, sharp, short, sweet. At present your knowledge is wanted for leadership for this world. Our foundation gives full support and positive energy to you and your endeavor.

- Shri Ravishangar, Director, Vedic and Scientific Research Foundation, Bangalore, India


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