“Guy, you were wonderful, interesting, motivational, and inspirational, all of which the audience can move forward with. I’d love to have you back because you are a wealth of information!”

- Lori L. Shemek, PhD, Health Expert for the #1 ABC show “Good Morning Texas”; Co-host of “Boomers Rock” show

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ICPTInternational Council of Professional Therapists Interview  

According to recent studies, 24 million Americans have diabetes, 79 million have pre-diabetes, one in three people in the U.S. is obese, while 23 million Americans have some kind of heart disease.

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Best Version of Yourself at Every Age - Watkins

New cosmology shows that we are made of star dust. The carbon in our body could not be created in the universe by any other way than through the collapse and explosion of a star.

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New Spirit Journal

Using Breath to Deal with Stress - New Spirit Journal

Breath is the foundation of life, and every aspect of your life begins with your breath. Breath is the true barometer by which to measure your mental, physical, and emotional states: level of anxiety, fitness, tightness, ease, or stress.

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The Island

It Is in Our DNA to Sense How Long We Can Live - The Island 

What can each of us contribute to understanding personal health, fitness, and optimal living? I find myself to be at 50 in the best physical & mental conditions I have ever been, without the use of drugs, pills, or enhancements of any kind.

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Wisdom Magazine

Body Consciousness = Cosmic Consciousness - Wisdom

We are living at a remarkable period in time. The last century has given us more scientific discoveries than the entire preceding human history before it. Emerging fields of new cosmology, neuroplasticity, superstring theory, and epigenetics are presenting a view of humankind as the eyes, ears, and mind of the cosmos with far more to discover in the world inside us than in the universe at large.

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