5 EASY WAYS TO FIND YOUR SWEET SPOT IN SALES: Mastering Rejection, Burnout, and Stress

Learn Practical Steps to:

Relieve sales calls’ stress instantly (it’s easier than you think)

Lifespan Seminar Bounce back after rejection (and close the next sale)

Lifespan Seminar Be a master salesperson through enhanced focus and concentration

Lifespan Seminar Get from the NO to the YES quicker

Lifespan Seminar Stay cool and productive dealing with customers’ objections

Using the latest scientific breakthroughs in mind-body research, we will show your sales people simple and practical tools to help them deal with the typical problems they encounter daily on the phone and in person, so they can be at their very best on every sales transaction.

Dear Guy, the seminar was very helpful and I wanted to thank you again. Personally, what sticks out to me are the touch triggers. I feel they have helped me with my mental confidence. I keep telling myself, “I am smart enough, strong enough and I have the tools to figure my problems out.” I feel like the smartest man alive. Thank you!

- Dan MacMillan, Los Angeles, CA


Guy and Teresa, your Lifespan Seminar series has certainly become one of the highlights of both my professional and personal life this year. One of the many benefits of participating (not just attending) your classes, is learning and adopting several practical, do-able and profound ways to communicate with myself and with others. From a professional perspective I am now able to more effectively provide the information, products and services to past, present and future clients and customers. From a personal perspective I am able to “tap into” the infinite resources available to me that keep me balanced, focused and centered in who I am and ‘what I bring to this party called life.’Like fine art, good wine and moments to remember, your Lifespan Seminar series only gets better with time.

- Warren Lanier Jr., Chief Visionary Officer, Bridge Point Marketing, Los Angeles, CA



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