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 Your Infinite Potential - Within the Laws of Nature 

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Best Version of Yourself in College and in Life

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Vital and Vibrant at 85

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Peak Performance in Your Everyday Life

NOTE: Each topic can be tailored as a stand-alone presentation or a workshop or training session. Guy specializes in fitting his presentations to your particular needs.

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How to Live Your Longest and Healthiest Life

Every living organism has an optimal duration of existence. This is the maximum amount of years that they can live under the most favorable conditions. The current global life expectancy is around 70 years. In the United States it's about 78 years, but the actual lifetime of an individual may be significantly shorter when diet or environmental conditions are poor.

In this presentation, Guy provides simple and practical daily tools of stress management, good nutrition, sufficient rest and active lifestyle that will enable the audience to live their longest and healthiest lives.


Audience members leave with a clear understanding of how to create the daily conditions where they can realize their optimal lifespan.

“Guy is an extremely talented insightful professional who has introduced a major system to sense the lifespan potential and develop habits and patterns that would make this a reality. I found his insights shared at the Java World Congress very fascinating. I am sure his powerful presentations and skillful approach will help people regain a balance and live optimal lives.” - Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe, President, Academic Consortium of the Americas, USA; author of ”Clinical Psychology”


Lifespan Seminar  

Your Infinite Potential - Mastering the Laws of Nature

Every atom in your body comes from planet Earth, which in turn is made of the same energy and matter as everything else in the cosmos. The consciousness that animates the cosmos and regulates the complex balance of existence also regulates your body. Simply put, the wisdom in your body is the wisdom of the world.

Superstring theory shows that when we divide the particles down to their tiniest ingredients, what we’re left with is strings of probabilities, vibrations of potential. We discover that life in its essence is pure energy and information. This is the source of you and the cosmos.


Audience members leave with a clear understanding that they are as infinite as the world, and can create anything they can imagine - in accordance with the laws of nature.

“Guy, you were wonderful, interesting, motivational, and inspirational, all of which the audience can move forward with. I’d love to have you back because you are a wealth of information!” - Lori L. Shemek, PhD, Health Expert for the #1 ABC show “Good Morning Texas”; Co-host of “Boomers Rock” show


Lifespan Seminar  

Best Version of Yourself in College and in Life

The human body is a well-designed machine for living with built-in mechanisms for self-healing and self-correction, provided we don’t harm it with bad habits. Mind-body awareness means understanding how this incredibly complex and intelligent system operates, and then creating the conditions where it can function the way it was designed.

In this interactive presentation especially designed for colleges and universities, Guy shows easy-to-use techniques of pressure points, breathing, and daily meditation to manage daily stress, increase concentration, and maximize productivity.


Students leave with a clear understanding of how their minds and bodies interact, and a set of simple and sustainable daily tools that will enable them to be at their very best in college and throughout their entire life.

“Dear Guy, I see you as a ‘change-agent’, helping people to change their lives. You are engaged in the noble task of empowering individuals to reach their full potential by understanding the structure of their lives. More than anything else, it is meritorious deed. - Prof. Erantha De Mel, President of Institute of Professional Psychologists; Director of the American Research Institute of Neurosciences; author of “Optimizing the Infinite Mind”


Lifespan Seminar  

Vital and Vibrant at 85

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to constantly adapt to changing circumstances throughout life. The old consensus in neuroscience was that the brain stopped the process of neural regeneration at the age of four. However, research since the beginning of the twenty-first century has shown that the brain is changing constantly, in response to learning, disease, exercise, and other stimuli - through our entire lifespan. This means that a person can stay active and engaged in life for as long as they practice a lifestyle that stimulates both the body and the mind.


Audience members leave with a clear understanding that the best years of their life can be ahead of them. The body changes and it cannot do at sixty-five what it did at eighteen. However, your knowledge of yourself has now grown, you don’t need to repeat past mistakes, and you can make choices that balance all the aspects of your mind, body, and spirit.

“Guy Joseph Ale is the most invigorated person I have met in a long time. As director of Lifespan Seminar he has been able to enlighten so many people to a new way of living. Anyone who follows his way of teaching will be able to live a very long life in the best of healthy conditions.” - Dr. Hans Vischjager, Director of BEHA Institute for Psychological Studies


Lifespan Seminar   

Peak Performance in Your Everyday Life

How much is it worth to you to know that you are operating at your highest capacity?
That life is not passing you by?
That you are in perfect alignment with your life’s purpose?
And you are realizing every day the unique gifts and skills you had been given?

Using personal anecdotes from having lived in four countries on three continents and speaking four languages, Guy broadens the audience’s horizons and inspires each person to courageously see the vast potential stored in their genes and make it come true.


Audience members leave with a clear understanding of the regular shifts of consciousness of what is periodically considered humanly impossible - until someone does it, and simple techniques of focus and relaxation that will help them operate at peak level every day.

“Guy has an extraordinary perspective on the value and potential of life, and anyone consulting with him or attending his seminars will not only be moved, but moved to take action. He is one of those rare individuals who can point out the possibilities to people that they may have never even considered. I cannot recommend his outstanding services highly enough.” - David Samson, author of 24 books; owner of AdVille agency, Los Angeles, CA

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NOTE: Each topic can be tailored as a stand-alone presentation or a workshop or training session. Guy specializes in fitting his presentations to your particular needs.

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