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Complete Guide to Your Longest & Healthiest Life

Have you ever wondered how you could live your longest and healthiest life without needing supplements, pills, or additives of any kind? Have you ever worried about losing your health as you grow older?

The average Baby Boomer will cost their family $50,000 annually in age-related diseases.

Would you like to understand the intelligent system that is your body and learn to create the conditions where your body can heal itself the way it was designed? Would you like to know the latest breakthroughs in the science of the brain, and how to apply them to improve your daily life? Have you ever wondered how you and your loved ones can avoid the diseases associated with old age and increase your chances of staying vital and vibrant throughout your entire life? What if you learned the simple tools to manage daily stress and acquire good nutrition guidelines sustainable for a lifetime?

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After Lifespan Seminar received the “Best of Beverly Hills Award” in Health and Wellness Workshops three years in a row, many of our clients asked us where they could purchase all our different products in one comprehensive package.

The COMPLETE GUIDE includes:

image00CD Courses of Guided Meditation -------------------------------------------------------------- $897 Value

image00Videos of Pressure Points Demonstrations --------------------------------------------------- $785 Value

image00PDF Transcripts of Good Nutrition Guidelines ---------------------------------------------- $395 Value

image00Video Courses of Stress Management Tools ------------------------------------------------- $475 Value

image00Articles on Mind-Body Health  ------------------------------------------------------------------- $245 Value

image00CD’s of Step-by-Step Visualization Techniques --------------------------------------------- $975 Value

image00Exercise Workbook on Acquiring Good Habits --------------------------------------------- $495 Value

image00Delicious Recipes for Fun Nutritious Food --------------------------------------------------- $98   Value

image00Recorded Videos of One-on-One Coaching Sessions ------------------------------------- $870 Value

Final bonus: Guy’s upcoming book, LIVE YOUR LONGEST LIFE:Discover Practical Tools to Help You Optimize Your Lifespan Potential --- $15   Price

Special Discount Rate - $1497

Pre-Order Now for Just - $997


Lifespan SeminarOur 30-Day Guarantee!Lifespan Seminar

We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction on all of our products and programs. If you find within the first 30 days of receiving the Complete Guide that you are not satisfied with the program for any reason, you may request and receive a full refund of your payment.

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