Here’s What People Are Saying…

”There are many roads to Rome and to Health. Live Your Longest Life (Guy’s forthcoming book) is one of the best I’ve read. It is a gem, and I highly recommend you read it and heed its wisdom.”

– Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association; Bestselling author of “90 Days to Self-Health”


”Guy, you were wonderful, interesting, motivational, and inspirational…all of which the audience can move forward with. I’d love to have you back on because you are a wealth of information!”

– Lori L. Shemek, PhD, Health Expert for ABC show “Good Morning Texas”; Co-host of “Boomers Rock” radio show


“Dear Guy, it’s so nice to know that there are people like you on the planet.”

– Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School; Vice-Chair, Neurology; Director, Genetics and Aging Research Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital; Coauthor of “Super Brain”


”I agree with your take on energy/DNA.”

– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Professor of Psychology and Management, Claremont Graduate University; Author of ”Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”, Claremont, CA


”Guy, I must say that over my 35 years of medical practice, following the dietary measures you outline will help just about every person regardless of whether or not they have been diagnosed with a disease.

Close to 100 percent of the patients I admit to the hospital have diet related conditions that are rarely addressed by the medical profession. I learned nothing about nutrition in medical school so in a sense I am self-taught. In the medical profession we focus on tacking the wheels back on after they have fallen off and often we do it very well. We don’t do such a good job at preventative medicine or reversing chronic diseases like obesity and type II diabetes. Patients need more information than the medical profession is prepared to give them when it comes to lifestyle approaches.”

– William Wilson, MD, Physician at Wilson Institute of Neurobiology; Beverly Hospital, Boston, MA


”Guy is an extremely talented insightful professional who has introduced a major system to sense the lifespan potential and develop habits and patterns that would make this a reality. I found his insights shared at the Java World Congress in November 2010 very fascinating. I am sure his powerful presentations and skillful approach will be a benefit to many. I will be happy to see these techniques being shared with many people worldwide to help people regain a balance and live optimal lives.”

– Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe, President, Academic Consortium of the Americas, USA; Author of ”Clinical Psychology”


”Dear Guy, you are doing such important work in the world. If there is a way I can contribute to what you are doing please let me know. Namaste.”

– Shauna L. Shapiro, PhD, Associate Professor of counseling psychology at Santa Clara University, CA; Coauthor of “The Art and Science of Mindfulness”


”Guy Joseph Ale is the most invigorated person I have met in a long time. As director of Lifespan Seminar he has been able to enlighten so many people to a new way of living. Anyone who follows his way of teaching will be able to live a very long life in the best of healthy conditions.”

– Dr. Hans Vischjager, Director of BEHA Institute for Psychological Studies


”Guy, the complexity of life is truly a wonder to explore, and you are doing a significant part of the exploration.”

– Rich Berrett, Ret. Professor of Child Development and Family Relations, California State University, Fresno; Founding President of Imagery International


“Dear Guy and Teresa, I see you both as “change-agents”, helping people to change their lives. You are engaged in the noble task of empowering individuals to reach their full potential by understanding the structure of their lives. More than anything else, it is meritorious deed.”

– Prof. Erantha de Mel, President of Institute of Professional Psychologists; Author of “Optimizing the Infinite Mind”


“Guy has an extraordinary perspective on the value and potential of life, and anyone consulting with him or attending his seminars will not only be moved, but moved to take action. He is one of those rare individuals who can point out the possibilities to people that they may have never even considered. I cannot recommend his outstanding services highly enough.”

– David Samson, author of 24 books; Owner of AdVille agency, Los Angeles, CA


”Guy! There is much we have in common. You are so right, our well-being is in our hands.”

– Professor Srikumar S. Rao, author of the international best-seller “Are You Ready to Succeed: Unconventional Strategies for Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and Life”


”With great pleasure we place your good name as the First Keynote speaker of the International Conference on Psychology and Allied Professions (ICPAP) 2011. Your vast knowledge and experience would definitely contribute a lot not only for success of the ICPAP but to the whole human family.”

– Dr. H.R.S. Keerthisinghe, President, Sri Lankan Association for Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy


”This is simple big-picture stuff. Rare to find in an increasingly complicated world. Reminds me of Einstein’s great saying that ‘the simpler the truth, the more simply it can be expressed.’”

– Dr. David Tuffley, Lecturer at the School of Information & Communication Technology, Griffith University, Australia; Author of “Leadership & the Tao”


”Namaskar, during your lecture about Optimizing Lifespan Potential [as opening keynote address at the International Conference on Psychology 2011], every point very clear, sharp, short, sweet. At present your knowledge is wanted for leadership for this world. Our foundation gives full support and positive energy to you and your endeavor.”

– Shri Ravishangar, Director, Vedic and Scientific Research Foundation, Bangalore, India


”I am a 48-year old woman who comes from a family of overachievers, always striving to be my best at whatever endeavor I choose, thus leaving me often stressed and ill at ease. Although I may have reached whatever goal I set to myself, the price I paid always left me drained of energy and not knowing how to enjoy life, as well as myself and others.

Fortunately, I’ve been introduced to Mr. Ale and his simple teachings. I didn’t know about such things as breathing and meditation, but I have since learned. Mr. Ale opened my mind as well as my eyes, and now I feel more enriched for it. No longer a time-bomb waiting to explode or having an unwanted heart attack, I have learned not to stress over things over which I have no control. I’ve learned that I’m not responsible for the actions of others but only for myself. I’ve learned that if I’m happy, others around me are happier as a result. I’d like to thank Mr. Ale for giving my life back to me.”

– Toni Belafonte, Sherman Oaks, CA


“I find your teachings quite interesting and informative. You guys are doing a great job. In Indian philosophy as well we believe that there is a strong bond between Universe and oneself, and thus it has become a subject of research for thousands of years. I congratulate you on your endeavor.”

– Sandeep Sharma, author of “Science of Philosophy, Volume I”; Kanpur University, Utter Pradesh, India


”Dear Guy, the seminar was very helpful and I wanted to thank you again. Personally, what sticks out to me are the touch triggers. I feel they have helped me with my mental confidence. I keep telling myself, ‘I am smart enough, strong enough and I have the tools to figure my problems out.’ I feel like the smartest man alive. Thank you!”

– Dan MacMillan, Los Angeles, CA


”I am impressed by the lecture of Mr. Ale. I am confident that this research is vital to change the very definition of human life and management of human life.”

– Dr. Peeyush Verma, Professor & Head of Department of Electronic Media, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, Bhopal (M.P.), India


”Guy and Teresa, this is such important work. I feel so much better by just listening to you both and by doing the exercises. It makes so much sense. I know I’ll utilize your techniques to help me through both the challenges and the great times ahead. You’re both amazing and wonderful.”

– Judy Krause, New York, NY


”I met Guy Ale during a Global summit in Sri-Lanka where leadership, innovation and the use of technology was discussed which can help emerging countries to develop more rapidly. Guy Ale made an inspirational presentation which formed one of the highlights of the summit. His vision on life and the way he perceives time is truly remarkable.”

– Danny Frietman, Director Strategy & Innovation, TPEX, Amsterdam, Holland


”Guy and Teresa, your Lifespan Seminar has certainly become a highlight of both my professional and personal life this year. One of the many benefits of participating in (not just attending) your classes, is learning and adopting several practical, do-able and profound ways to communicate with myself and with others.

From a professional perspective I am now able to more effectively provide the information, products and services to past, present and future clients and customers. From a personal perspective I am able to ‘tap into’ the infinite resources available to me that keep me balanced, focused and centered in who I am and ‘what I bring to this party called life.’ Like fine art, good wine and moments to remember, your Lifespan Seminar only gets better with time.”

– Warren Lanier Jr., Chief Visionary Officer, Bridge Point Marketing, Los Angeles, CA


”It was a delight for me to be associated with Guy at the recent World Congress held in Colombo at which he was a keynote speaker. I was impressed with his approach to sense lifespan and adjust ourselves to achieve this goal. Being a member of “Global perceptiveness” in Greece, which helps develop perceptiveness as opposed to perception, I was able to immediately see connections on how we sense at deeper levels and not always by what we see and hear. Guy’s contributions will be a valuable asset to all.”

– Dr. Aspasia Peppa, International Director Professional Affairs, Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals International, USA & Greece


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