Stockholm-U-small-2-300x300Lifespan Seminar received the “Best of Beverly Hills Award” in Health and Wellness Workshops in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016, and the “Best of Los Angeles Businesses Award” in the Life Coach category in 2014 & 2015. Your presenter, Guy Joseph Ale, was named one of the 2014 Top Ranked U.S. Executives by the National Council of American Executives. Guy’s sales experience spans over 20 years as a salesperson, manager, and head of an investment group. He currently serves as President of Lifespan Seminar and Vice President of Asia Pacific Association of Psychology. He is also the Secretary General of the Chamber of Chartered Behavioral Scientists. Guy received the Eminent in Psychological Science Award at the International Conference on Psychology 2011. He is the author of A Manual for Mastering Your Life, and the upcoming Live Your Longest Life: Discover Practical Tools to Help You Optimize Your Lifespan Potential.

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5 EASY WAYS TO FIND YOUR SWEET SPOT IN SALES: Mastering Rejection, Burnout, and Stress

Learn Practical Steps to:

Lifespan SeminarRelieve sales calls’ stress instantly (it’s easier than you think)

Lifespan SeminarBounce back after rejection (and close the next sale)

Lifespan SeminarBe a master salesperson through enhanced focus and concentration

Lifespan SeminarGet from the NO to the YES quicker

Lifespan SeminarStay cool and productive dealing with customers’ objections

Using the latest scientific breakthroughs in mind-body research, we will show your sales people simple and practical tools to help them deal with the typical problems they encounter daily on the phone and in person, so they can be at their very best on every sales transaction.

Dear Guy, the seminar was very helpful and I wanted to thank you again. Personally, what sticks out to me are the touch triggers. I feel they have helped me with my mental confidence. I keep telling myself, “I am smart enough, strong enough and I have the tools to figure my problems out.” I feel like the smartest man alive. Thank you! - Dan MacMillan, Los Angeles, CA


Guy and Teresa, your Lifespan Seminar series has certainly become one of the highlights of both my professional and personal life this year. One of the many benefits of participating (not just attending) your classes, is learning and adopting several practical, do-able and profound ways to communicate with myself and with others. - Warren Lanier Jr., Chief Visionary Officer, Bridge Point Marketing, Los Angeles, CA


$68 Billion lost to U.S. companies annually in sales due to stress related problems at work.

Average U.S. worker wastes two hours a day, not including lunch – called “Mental Absence”.

Stress is a regular part of life and can’t be avoided in the normal daily interactions, especially at work. However, knowing how to deal with stress enables you to master it and use it as a fuel for excellence. In this interactive training, you will acquire simple and practical daily tools that will allow you to stay focused and relaxed through the day, while knowing how to manage tension and all other challenges you’ll face.

Fortunately, I’ve been introduced, along with my colleagues, to Mr. Ale and his simple teachings. I didn’t know about such things as breathing and meditation, but I have since learned. Mr. Ale opened my mind as well as my eyes, and now I feel more enriched for it. No longer a time-bomb waiting to explode or having an unwanted heart attack, I have learned not to stress over things over which I have no control. I’ve learned that I’m not responsible for the actions of others but only for myself. I’ve learned that if I’m happy, others around me are happier as a result. - Toni Belafonte, Sherman Oaks, CA


Inspire others to greatness by becoming the best version of yourself!

FullSizeRender This multiple-award-winning program is tailored for the seasoned Executive to refine his or her strategies in inspiring others to be their most effective and give their biggest contribution to the organization. You’ll emerge from this training more self-aware, more enlightened, and clearly knowing that you are in full control of all your unique gifts and talents. You will discover latent capacities in yourself you didn’t know existed, and these will enable you to operate at a whole new level of balance, grace, achievement, and optimal health. You will learn how to be more focused and more centered, and through personal example, motivate others to reach their own heights of competence and output.

Guy has an extraordinary perspective on the value and potential of life, and anyone consulting with him or attending his seminars will not only be moved, but moved to take action. He is one of those rare individuals who can point out the possibilities to people that they may have never even considered. I cannot recommend his outstanding services highly enough. - David Samson, author of 24 books; owner of AdVille agency, Los Angeles, CA


Namaskar, during your lecture about Optimizing Lifespan Potential [as opening keynote address at the International Conference on Psychology 2011], every point very clear, sharp, short, sweet. At present your knowledge is wanted for leadership for this world. Our foundation gives full support and positive energy to you and your endeavor. - Shri Ravishangar, Director, Vedic and Scientific Research Foundation, Bangalore, India

Leadership Training


Over 50% of U.S. corporate profits go towards their employees’ healthcare costs.

Numerous studies have shown that it costs triple to treat a disease than it costs to prevent it.

This program is especially designed to improve your employees’ health. It will: 

Lifespan SeminarExplain medical self-care -- how to prevent chronic diseases before they occur

Lifespan SeminarMove your employees from the mindset of Sickcare to Healthcare

Lifespan SeminarTeach simple good nutrition and healthy food options

Lifespan SeminarHelp participants lose weight and keep it off

Lifespan SeminarHelp employees quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Lifespan SeminarPromote lasting fitness with simple and sensible daily activities

Lifespan SeminarTeach relaxation and meditation routines to reduce daily stress

Lifespan SeminarBoost employees’ attendance and reduce absenteeism

These benefits translate to critical bottom line for your company -

Bring Down Costs and Raise ROI.


Guy, I must say that over my 35 years of medical practice, following the dietary measures you outline will help just about every person regardless of whether or not they have been diagnosed with a disease. - William Wilson, MD, Physician at Wilson Institute of Neurobiology; Beverly Hospital, Boston, MA


Guy and Teresa, this is such important work. I feel so much better by just listening to you both and by doing the exercises. It makes so much sense. I know I’ll utilize your techniques to help me through both the challenges and the great times ahead. You’re both amazing and wonderful. - Judy Krause, New York, NY



Learn to create the conditions where you’re at your absolute best!

Image 1Using the latest insights on brain science from neuroplasticity and epigenetics, this program will explain in clear and accessible terms how the mind operates and the role it plays in peak performance.

Participants learn these useful daily tools to put their mind/body in optimal condition:

Lifespan SeminarPressure points

Lifespan SeminarBreathing techniques

Lifespan SeminarMental imagery tools

Lifespan SeminarVisualization methods

Lifespan SeminarFocus and concentration routines

There are many champions, but few Michael Jordan’s and Usain Bolt’s.

This training will enable you to operate at your Peak Capacity.


Dear Guy and Teresa, I see you both as "change-agents", helping people to change their lives. You are engaged in the noble task of empowering individuals to reach their full potential by understanding the structure of their lives. More than anything else, it is meritorious deed. - Prof. Erantha de Mel, President of Institute of Professional Psychologists; author of "Optimizing the Infinite Mind"


Guy Joseph Ale is the most invigorated person I have met in a long time. As director of Lifespan Seminar he has been able to enlighten so many people to a new way of living. Anyone who follows his way of teaching will be able to live a very long life in the best of healthy conditions. - Dr. Hans Vischjager, Director of BEHA Institute for Psychological Studies


NOTE: Each topic can be tailored as a stand-alone presentation or a workshop or training session. Guy specializes in fitting the presentation to the particular needs of your organization.

  • Keynote
  • Half-day or Full-day Workshop
  • 2- or 3-Day Training
  • Weeklong Workshop
  • Ongoing Training


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