Over 50% of U.S. corporate profits go towards their employees’ healthcare costs.

Numerous studies have shown that it costs triple to treat a disease than it costs to prevent it.


This program is especially designed to improve your employees’ health. It will: 

Lifespan Seminar Explain medical self-care -- how to prevent chronic diseases before they occur

Lifespan Seminar Move your employees from the mindset of Sickcare to Healthcare

Lifespan Seminar Teach simple good nutrition and healthy food options

Lifespan Seminar Help participants lose weight and keep it off

Lifespan Seminar Help employees quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Lifespan Seminar Promote lasting fitness with simple and sensible daily activities

Lifespan Seminar Teach relaxation and meditation routines to reduce daily stress

Lifespan Seminar Boost employees’ attendance and reduce absenteeism

These benefits translate to critical bottom line for your company -

Bring Down Costs and Raise ROI.


Guy, I must say that over my 35 years of medical practice, following the dietary measures you outline will help just about every person regardless of whether or not they have been diagnosed with a disease.

Close to 100 percent of the patients I admit to the hospital have diet related conditions that are rarely addressed by the medical profession. I learned nothing about nutrition in medical school so in a sense I am self-taught. In the medical profession we focus on tacking the wheels back on after they have fallen off and often we do it very well. We don’t do such a good job at preventative medicine or reversing chronic diseases like obesity and type II diabetes. Patients need more information than the medical profession is prepared to give them when it comes to lifestyle approaches.

- William Wilson, MD, Physician at Wilson Institute of Neurobiology; Beverly Hospital, Boston, MA


Guy and Teresa, this is such important work. I feel so much better by just listening to you both and by doing the exercises. It makes so much sense. I know I’ll utilize your techniques to help me through both the challenges and the great times ahead. You’re both amazing and wonderful.

- Judy Krause, New York, NY



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